Kjell Strandqvist

The artist Kjell Strandqvist  © Photo: Christina Wallnér, No WaIT AB
Kjell Strandqvist © Photo: No WaIT AB

Kjell Strandqvist’s paintings often combine the definite with the indefinite and he likes to use a structure or a distinct simple form as a vehicle for colourful events. His colours have a close, imaginary relation which is sometimes easier to feel than see. His drawings have the same characteristics, they are bearers of obvious ambiguities.

Kjell Strandqvist is very verbal and expresses his views in a very straightforward way. He used to be a professor of drawing at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm between 1986 and 1996 and had a lot of influence on the development of teaching at this institution.


Professor of drawing at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

Selected Commissions

Quality Assurance Report “Situation & Comment” The Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions

The Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

“Carte Blanche”, Jakobsberg´s Art Hall, Sweden

The Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions

Jubilee Exhibition The Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

“Beyond oblivion”, Galleri Flach, Stockholm, Sweden with Johanna Fjaestad, Eva Lange, Disa Rytt, Gabriela Spilsbury and André Tallborn.

Selected Public Commissions

Stucco, The Swedish Ministry of Education

Floor decoration, terrazzo, Arlanda Domestic Airport.
Relief in aluminum

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