Eva Holmér Edling

The artist Eva Holmér Edling - Photo by Christina Wallnér No WaIT AB.
Eva Holmér Edling © Photo: No WaIT AB

“I’ve been drawing and painting all my life, made pictures for more than half a century: drawings, watercolors, chalk paintings, some lithographs, a few oil paintings, but most of all etchings on copper plate.

I draw a lot in nature, sketch and then I often develop my picture in a painting or an etching, usually in black and white, but also occasionally in color. On these occasions I have several plates that I print after each other on the same paper. The craft itself means a lot to how the image grows. I believe that the time it takes for the image to be created is encapsulated in the finished image and gives it life. I love being in my picture. I don’t want it to be finished. I love painting, drawing, etching, printing – it’s my way of life.

What do I really want with my pictures …?   
Really nothing but disappearing into my picture.  
“Our need for comfort is insatiable” (Stig Dagerman)

I try to portray animals and people’s connection with nature, that Everything belongs together … or should belong together. A sight or an experience can give me such a strong desire. Then the extra energy is needed to portray the vision. The older I get, the harder it gets ……. when you were a child, the desire was almost constant. I want to try to see the reality behind the reality. No imagination is needed. Yes, sometimes, but it is reality that is magical. ”

Eva Holmér Edling


Born 1942 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives in Alsike, Uppland, Sweden since 1974.
Member of The Swedish Printmakers´ Association.

1962-1963 Gerleborgsskolan
1963-1968 The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

The Printmaking Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

The Printmaking Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Grenna Museum, Sweden

Gröna Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden

Lövsta bruk, Sweden

Lindesberg´s Museum, Sweden

Gröna Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden

Galleri Z, Ystad, Sweden

Aguélimuséet, Sala, Sweden

The Theater Gallery, Uppsala
The Printmaking Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Galleri JP, Västerås, Sweden

Gröna Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden

Kavaletten, Uppsala, Sweden
Gröna Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden

The Printmaking Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Jönköping´s County Museum, Sweden

Galleri H, Stockholm, Sweden

Galleri Smedhamre, Uppsala, Sweden

Galleri Belle, Västerås, Sweden

Galleri Smedhamre, Uppsala, Sweden

Karlshamn´s Museum, Sweden
Galleri Smedhamre, Uppsala, Sweden

Wadköping, Örebro and Sigtuna Museum, Sweden

Galleri Doktor Glas, Stockholm, Sweden
The Printmaking Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions

Galleri Strömbom, Uppsala, Sweden 2016
Printmaking triennials 1965, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1977, 1980, 1986, 1989, 1992, 1995, 2003, 2007, 2010
Fall Salons, Uppsala Art Hall, 70s and 80s
Liljevalchs’ Spring Salons, Stockholm, Sweden, 80s and 90s
Bishop Hill, USA, 1988 och 1996
Young Artists, Nationalmuseum, Sweden, 60s and 70s
Fantasy and Reality, The Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden 1971
Travelling Exhibition, arranged by the NUNSKU Organization: Paris, France 1995, London, UK 1986, Canada1979-1980, Mexico 1978, Australia 1974

Selected Public Collections

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France
The museums of Visby, Örebro, Borås and Västerbotten
The National Public Art Council, Sweden
Municipalities and county councils in Sweden

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