Graphic arts

Several techniques of graphic arts are represented among the gallery´s artists such as lithography, screen printing (silk-screen, serigraphy), etching, drypoint and more. Four of the printmaking processes have been documented here on the website:


The graphic technology etching we present together with the artist Catharina Warme as we followed her work for two weeks.

Lithography – lithographs

We present the lithographic technique together with the artist Maria Hillfon. We followed Maria Hillfon for two days while printing two lithographs at Lindströms Originallito AB.
(German version: Herstellung einer Lithographie)

Screen printing, silk screen, serigraphy, serigraphs

We present the technique screen printing together with the artist Cecilia Sikström. We followed the work of the artist and the printer Catarina Kusoffsky printing two prints.

Drypoint – A Printmaking Technique

We present the technique drypoint together with the artist Lars Nyberg as we followed him for three days in the GG Print Studio in Uttersberg.

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