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The Artist of the Quarter winter 2003 «


Nils G Stenqvist, Konstnärshuset  

Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, Sweden, has had the pleasure of presenting a large exhibition by the artist Nils G. Stenqvist from January 11 until February 4, 2003.

The exhibition took place on three floors in five rooms: The Large Gallery, The Gallery of Graphics and The Studio.



Nils G Stenqvist, Konstnärshuset i Stockholm


In 2003 the exhibition travelled to six different places within Sweden: Tomarps Kungsgård, Luleå, Ronneby, Visby Museum of Art, Galleri Astley in Uttersberg and Skövde Art Hall.

In our presentation we have chosen to show the exhibition´s different rooms on seperate web pages. At the bottom of each page there is a link to the next room of the exhibition to make it easier to continue through the exhibition.

All the links in this presentation from Nils G. Stenqvist´s exhibition at Konstnärshuset:


Nils G Stenqvist

  Nils G StenqvistNils G Stenqvist

At the entrance and in the stairways to the different floors there are many of Nils G. Stenqvist´s different pieces of art (sculptures, paintings and etchings). Click on the pieces of art to view enlargements.

Nils G Stenqvist

Nils G StenqvistNils G StenqvistNils G Stenqvist Nils G Stenqvist

The entrance to the exhibition is located on the first floor. On the walls of the entrance, one can view Nils G. Stenqvist´s pieces of art. Click on the pieces of art to view enlargements.


First floor - The Large Gallery »

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