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Dan Wirén

Extract of Kristina Mezei on Dan Wirén

"Also included in the secrets of the working process are the print itself, together with the transformations that occur while working on the plate and etching it in the acid, and the seconds when the printed paper is lifted from the press bed. Only then it is revealed whether the artist has succeeded in capturing, retaining or ignoring the possibilities of both chance and conscious control.

Dan Wirén’s images have a fresh directness that is characteristic of calligraphy. The lightness of hand smoothly follows the spontaneous motion of the gesture. We are reminded of the automatic drawings of the surrealists, and the abstract expressionists’ formulations of both flow and frustration, primarily the former.

The silhouette-like shapes can be filled with diverse contents. Sojourns in nature, quiet moments and observations full of reflection with a sketchbook in one’s lap are important – not for a world of form where likeness dominates, but rather one where precision allows space for multiplicity and alternatives at the same time."



1974-76 Gerlesborgskolan
1977-82 Studied at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Solo Exhibitions in Sweden

2011 Grafikgalleriet/Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

Enköpings Konsthall, October 2010
Galleri Mejan, Stockholm
Ahlbergshallen Östersund

2009 Galleri PS Gothenburg
2008 Västbergslagens konstförening, Ludvika
2008 Konstforum Norrköping
2008 Galleri KAZ, Västerås
2007 Konstnärshusets Grafikgrupp
2006 Örebro Konsthall, Örebro
2005 The Academy of Fine Arts, East Gallery, Stockholm
2005 Gerlesborgskolans galleri Hamburgsund
2002 Galleri Svenska Bilder, Stockholm
2001 Olle Olsson-huset Solna
1998 Galleri Svenska Bilder, Stockholm
1995 Galleri Oijens Gothenburg
1993 Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
1987 Galleri Svenska Bilder, Stockholm
1987 Galleri Blanche Stockholm
1985 Galleri Belle, Västerås
1983 Galleri Astley, Uttersberg
1983 Galleri Blanche, Stockholm
1982 Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 "Art Couples", Konstgalleriet Hälleforsnäs, Sweden
2010 Grafiktriennalen, Graphic Society 100 years, The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 NANO Studio 44 Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Grafiska Sällskapet Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Ulriksdal Solna, Sweden
2004 Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden
2003 Galleri Strömbom, Uppsala, Sweden
1996 Galleri Svenska Bilder, Stockholm, Sweden
1995 Västergötland´s Churches, Sweden
1994 "K-banan" Lidköping, Sweden
1989 Västerås Konstmuseum, Sweden
1988 Borås Konstmuseum, Sweden
1987 Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Sweden
1983 Konstfrämjandet i Stockholm, Sweden
1982 Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Sweden
1981 "Fyra på väg" Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden
1980 Ungdomsbiennalen i Paris, France

Selected Public Collections

The Modern Museum of Art Stockholm, Sweden
National museum Stockholm, Sweden
The British Museum
The National Public Art Council, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm´s City collections
Borås Museum of Art , Sweden
Västerås Museum of Art, Sweden
Gothenburg´s Museum of Art, Sweden

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