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Nils G Stenqvist

"Nils G Stenqvist´s elements of form are always linked to nature itself not infrequently as experienced through a hand lens, a light microscope or an electron microscope. His world of form is rich but in his art one basic shape occurs frequently, that of an amoeba. A cell with its nucleus: the eye, brain and heart all in one. But this fundamental shape of his is as variable as that of the amoeban cell."

"Nils G. Stenqvist´s art shows us the encounter between forces, from those regulating the original shape to those volcanic forces which cause tremors in the planet Earth. He has never lost his surprise and delight at the beauty of small and insignificant things. He has written: "Often I start with a rather small and insignificant piece of nature that I simplify and change during my work- in the hope of being surprised."

He is also astonished by the similarity between Microcosm and Macrocosm. Unless we are told otherwise some of his "strangely grown rods" can bear a great resemblance to chromosomes. The surface of a brain coral can suggest a dance macabre or a virus pattern or the surface of a foreign planet seen through a telescope, depending on the viewer´s frames of reference."

Parts of an introductory text to the exhibition at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1983) Sven Laufeld, Fil. Dr., First State Geologist Geological Survey of Sweden



1973-83 Professor of graphic arts at The Royal University College of Fine arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1971 Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1969-73 The chairman of NUNSKU ; The Committee for Contemporary Swedish Art Abroad.
1964 The IX-group was formed.
1963-1973 Assistant teacher at The Royal University College of Fine arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1961-63 Printer, assistant teacher at The Royal University College of Fine arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1958 Studied at Royal College of Art, London, UK.
1956-61 Studied at The Royal University College of Fine arts, Stockholm

Selected Solo Exhibitions in Sweden

2009 Galleri Odvalds, Gotland, Sweden
2008 "Spår av liv", Haninge konsthall, Sweden
2005 Galleri Olefjord Simrishamn
Gröna paletten, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Enköpings Art Hall
Xylon Ronneby, Sweden
2003 Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
Tommarps Kungsgård
Galleri Astley in Uttersberg
Visby Museum of Art
2002 Gula Rummet, Stuvsta
2001 Gröna Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden
1999 Galleri Udengaard, Malmö, Sweden
Galleri Gaia, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 Galleri Thommesen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Galleri Bergman, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden
1995 Galleri Christina Höglund, Stockholm, Sweden
1994 Galleri Dr Glas, Stockholm, Sweden
Nordic Light, Stockholm, Sweden
1983 The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Solo Exhibitions Abroad

1985 Travemünde, Germany
1974 Bradford, UK
1971 Lübeck, Germany
1968 Minneapolis, U.S.A.
1964 Marburg, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions

Nils G. Stenqvist has taken part in group exhibitions in all of the Nordic countries, many of the European countries, Russia, USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Selected Public Commissions

The library at the university of Linköping
The Academy of Ballet, Stockholm
Swedish Museum of Natural History

Selected prices

First price Xylon V (price in woodcut, Genéve, Switzerland) 1970.
First price in the biennial of graphics, Bradford 1972.

Selected Public Collections

Sweden Stockholm Museum of Modern Art
The National Swedish Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm
Gothenburg Museum of Art
UK British Museum
Stafford College of Art
Germany Art Museum, Lübeck
Kupferstichkabinett, Dresden
Poland Art Museum in Krakow
Chile Salvador Allende Museum

Selected Publications

Gillmore, Pat "Modern Prints", Studio Vista London, 1970
Webster, Lynn "A brief history of printmaking in Sweden". Svenska Institutet Stockholm 1978.


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Nils G. Stenqvist - The Artist of the Quarter from February until - April 2003


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