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Cecilia Sikström

Women are not allowed to watch as much as men do, Griselda Pollock wrote. To see, stare, scrutinize, look, take possession of are central topics in the feminist art research. The discussion about the power of the eye is crucial and the question that is asked is who takes the right to look at whom?

In her work Cecilia Sikström focuses on posing and the look of the eye. With strong roots in the traditions of painting she is a sensitive user of colours and the history of art speaks through her work. There are numerous links to her predecessors. She picks an apple painted by Cranach, borrows a hand from Munch or a face from Picasso. It is a long, slow process always founded on existing work; a photograph or a painting which gives her a reason to continue her own work.

First and foremost she depicts the classical icons of femininity, but they are not portraits, but rather paraphrases which invite identification and projection. In the centre of her exploration of the characteristics of the female ego you find mythical women like Venus, Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, Edith Södergran and anonymous girls from French picture cards. Risqué and ambiguous they perform in the masquerade of femininity which walks on a tight rope across the chasm that separates the object from the subject. Cecilia Sikström exposes her women and shows them off in a bold way. The look of their eyes shifts from one point to another and with one eye closed and the other wide open they might be one of the sighted or one of those being seen. This becomes obvious in two of her latest works where Marlene Dietrich and Frida Kahlo are two identities put to the test. Marlene turns her eyes towards her persecutors and like the role person on the screen she is exposed to the spectators who freely can use her as a subject for their imagination. It is clear that Frida Kahlo poses for her audience but she returns our gaze and claims the right to regard her spectators herself. She both sees and is being seen and therefore she comes out on top in the struggle for the right to define oneself.





1962 Born in Lycksele, Sweden
1985 - 90 Studied at The Royal University College of Fine arts, Stockholm
Live in Stockholm


Selected Solo Exhibitions in Sweden

2017 Galleri Agardh & Tornvall (presentation in Swedish)
2014 Hedenius, Stockholm, Sweden
Cecilia Sikström & Henrik Halvarsson
2013 Hedenius, Stockholm - presentation in Swedish
2012 Galleri D12, Uppsala
Galleri Skåda, Luleå
2011 Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
2010 Galleri Remi, Östersund

Olle Nymans ateljé - presentation in Swedish
Länsmuseet Gävleborg
Hallsberg´s Art Hall
The Academy of Lithographs, Tidaholm
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping

2007 Lycksele Art Club
Galleri Bäckalyckan, Jönköping
2006 Pumphuset, Borstahusen, Landskrona
2005 Gerlesborg´s Art Hall
Galleri Remi, Östersund
2004 Galleri Argo, Stockholm
2003 Galleri Argo, Stockholm
Augelimuséet, Sala
2002 Thielska galleriet, Stockholm
2000 Galleri Ahnlund, UmeŚ
1998 Galleri Argo, Stockholm
1997 "The Artist of the Year", Stockholm Art Fair
1996 Galleri Ahnlund, UmeŚ
1994 Galleri Argo, Stockholm
1992 Galleri Ahnlund, UmeŚ
1989 Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

Selected Group Exhibitions


Edsvik Konsthallar 5-year anniversary, Sweden

2009 Galleri Argo, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Tomarps Kungsgård, Sweden
Participating artists: Filippa Arrias, Cecilia Elde, Eva-Maria Ern, Martina Muntzing, Cecilia Sikström and Nina von Schmalensee

Triennial in Graphic Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia

Galleri Argo, exhibition together with Filippa Arrias och Sissel Wibom, Stockholm, Sweden

Art Fair, Sollentuna, Sweden

2005 Art Fair, Milano, Italy
2002 "My Marilyn" Liljevalch´s Art Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

"Northern Lights", Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
Sweden Art Project 2001, Lifestyle, Contemporary Art & Design, Kortrijk, Brussels VIII, Sweden


Selected Public Collections

The National Public Art Council, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish Television


2000 A two-year working grant, the Arts Grants Committee, Sweden
1998 Ester Lindahl´s travelling grant
1997 "Artist of the Year 1997", Stockholm Art Fair
1995 Working grant, the Arts Grants Committee, Sweden
1994 Stay in Grez-sur-Loin, the Arts Grants Committee, Sweden
1993 Project contribution, the Arts Grants Committee, Sweden
1992 Sven X-et Erixon´s grant
1991 Carl Larsson´s grant
1990 Maria Bonnier Dahlin´s grant
1988 Anna Lisa Thomson´s grant

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