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”Perhaps you can say that Lundberg has got a belief in coincidence, but it is not the same kind of coincidence that occupied August Strindberg (Swedish novelist, playwright and painter). The coincidence in Lundberg’s pictures from the archipelago of Stockholm is not an attempt to understand the development of the Universe as a whole. It is something more trivial than that. It is traces left consciously or unconsciously by man which can be used as a source of inspiration or a catalyst for the development of the painting.

It is quite obvious that the artistic decisions Lundberg makes are part of a very consistent view on his work which aims at creating a humble and sensitive attitude where it is important to listen to and observe the minor and insignificant phenomena. It is not until you have acquired a humbleness towards the small details that you can understand the greatness of nature. It is this low-key artistic attitude that sometimes creates a feeling that Lundberg’s paintings has created themselves without participation of the artist. It is something this obvious that characterises good art.”

Bo Nilsson, head of Liljevalch’s Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.

The quotation above is taken from an essay entitled “L G Lundbergs skärgårdsmålningar” (L G Lundberg’s paintings from the archipelago) originally published for the exhibition in Hishult 1996. L G Lundberg was born in 1938 and lives in Stockholm and Smådalarö, an island in the archipelago of Stockholm.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 Galleri Mårtenson & Persson, Båstad, Sweden
Galleri Flach, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Konsthallen, Kulturens hus, Luleå, Sweden

Galleri Flach–Thulin, Stockholm, Sweden
Konsthallen Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla, Sweden 

2008 Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Galleri Bo Sverdén, Växjö, Sweden
Bollnäs Art Hall, Bollnäs, Sweden

Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden
Pictures from Kalmar Konstmuseum, presentation in Swedish


Teatergalleriet (The Theatre Gallery), Uppsala, Sweden


Skövde Art Hall, Sweden
From Stockholm´s archipelago, Kristinehamn Museum of Art, Sweden
Fences, Kristianstad´s Art Hall

2004 "LG Lundberg - Stängsel (Fences)", Magasin3 Stockholm Konsthall
From Stockholm´s archipelago, Aguélimuseet Sala, Sweden
From Stockholm´s archipelago, Galerie Imhof Solothurn Switzerland
2003 Hishult Art Hall
Göteborg International Book Fair
Galleri Flach, Stockholm
2002 Karlshamn´s Art Hall
The Art Hall in Hishult, Sweden
2001 Galleri Flach, Stockholm, Sweden
Lidköpings Art Hall, Lidköping, Sweden
Gallery Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
1999 Villa Jankovski, Kajaani, Finland

Selected Public Collections

Sweden Gothenburg Museum of Art
Malmö Museum of Art
Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
The National Swedish Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm
Magasin 3 Stockholm Art Hall
36 Contemporary Swedish Artists
Belgium SONS-museum, Kruishoutem
Denmark Ibsen´s collection of contempory art, Hobro
Finland Alvar Aalto Museum, Jyväskylä
Kalevas konstsamling, Uleåborg
Kemi Museum of Art
Tammerfors Modern Museum of Art

Bibliothéque nationale, Paris


The Artist of the Quarter - Enjoy Scandinavian Art

LG Lundberg was the artist of the quarter during September - December 2003. A new book, "LG Lundberg - from Stockholm´s archipelago", presents at his exhibitions at Hishult Art Hall, Göteborg International Book Fair, Galleri Flach, Stockholm.
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