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Maria Hillfon's work is based on intuition. There are many sides to her artistry and all of them are just as important to her. She describes them as male and female sides. The female sides are expressed in her flower paintings, decorated cupboards and lithographic work. The male side is expressed in her horizons where full colour fields are separated by a horizontal line. It is a meeting between the sky and the sea or the earth. These horizons appear both in her textiles and lithographic work.

To visit Maria and her husband at their farmhouse in Skåne is a remarkable experience. There is a peacefulness rarely experienced in today's society. They have deliberately searched for this peaceful environment and a simpler more natural life to be able to reach a state of full concentration.


1945 Born in Stockholm, Sweden
1965-1971 Studied at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm

Selected Exhibitions

2006 "Horizon", Landskrona Art Hall, Sweden
1997, 1989, 1987, 
1985, 1982, 1977, 
1973, 1969
Dr. Glas, Stockholm, Sweden
1981 "Textilkunst", Linz, Austria
1977 "Expressions Suedoises", Brussels, Belgium
1976 "Five temperaments" Swedish Textile Art, Mexico, Cuba, Canada

Selected Public Collections

The National Swedish Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Sweden
Nordenfjelske Museet Trondheim, Norway

Artist of the Quarter February - April 2007

Presentation Maria Hillfon - Artist of the Quarter


The Process of Making a Lithograph

We followed the artist Maria Hillfon in the process of making a lithograph at Lindström´s printing-works in Solna.
The Process of Making a Lithograph

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