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Ann Edholm is one of the most interesting and important artists in Swedish contemporary art at the moment. Above all she has become known as one of the leading painters in Sweden today because of her more or less pure "realistic abstractions" and her way to display visual elements in narrative sequences.

Born in 1953 Ann Edholm appeared for the first time before public in 1984 in Stockholm, one year before her first solo show and two years before her graduation at The Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 1986, where she also was appointed professor of painting in 1992. During the years she has participated in several exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad, e.g. in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Romania.

In Swedish contemporary art critic Ann Edholm has been linked to the discussion about the concept of the sublime. The crucial feature here is the "muteness" of painting together with both the conceptual and visual connections to art history and - for example - American abstract expressionists like Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko, and Barnett Newman. Other sources of inspiration have been the Renaissance painter Fra Angelico, the German medieval painter Matthias Grünewald, the German Romanticist Caspar David Friedrich and the German Symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin, all blended into a highly personal visual language of today.

Today Ann Edholm works as visiting professor at Valand College of Fine Arts (Göteborg University) in Gothenburg, Sweden.


1953 Born in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden
1977-1978 Studied at Gerlesborg Art School, Stockholm, Sweden
1980-1981 Studied at Gerlesborg Art School, Stockholm, Sweden
1981-1986 Studied at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1992-1998 Professor of painting at The Royal University college of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1999- Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
1999-2002 Professor, Valand University College of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden
Tomelilla konsthall, Sweden

Ann Edholm, "TROTZ", Nordenhake, Berlin, Germany

Galleri Örsta, Kumla (presentation in Swedish)

Skissernas museum, Lund, Sweden

Patrick de Brook Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium
19 April 19 - 12 May 2014


HV Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Karlskrona konsthall, Sweden
2011 "Where is the sky? Where?"
Gallerie Nordenhake

Magnus Åklundh, Malmö, Sweden

unit 4, 21 Wren Street, London, UK

2009 Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin, Germany
Steneby Konsthall, Dalslånged, Sweden
Vargåkra Gård, Hammenhög, Sweden

Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden


Galleri Bo Sverdén, Växjö, Sweden
Ann Edholm/Håkan Rehnberg, Millesgården, Stockholm, Sweden
Sörmland´s Museum of Art, Art Hall, Nyköping, Sweden
Passagen, Linköping, Sweden

2006 Magnus Åklundh, Malmö, Sweden
Eskilstuna konstmuseum, Sweden
2005 Måleri XL, The Gallery of Stockholm Council of Public Art, Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Gallerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden

Kristinehamn Art Museum, Sweden
Uppsala Museum of Art
Stenasalen, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Sweden
Gallery Magnus Åklundh, Malmö, Sweden

2002 Galleri Susanne Pettersson, Norrköping, Sweden
2001 Galleri 29, Växjö, Sweden

Gallerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Sølvberget, Stavanger, Norway
Galleri Ahnlund, Umeå, Sweden

1999 Gallerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden
Meeting-Point Amman, Darat al-Funun, Jordan (with Håkan Rehnberg)
1998 Gallery Magnus Åklundh, Lund, Sweden
1997 Gallerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden
1996 Galleri 29, Växjö, Sweden
1995 (Eikon) Gallerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Ahnlund, Umeå, Sweden
1994 "Mehr Licht", Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden
1991 "Inuk", Gallery Lång, Malmö, Sweden
1990 Gallery Ahnlund, Umeå, Sweden
Gallery Krüll, Stockholm, Sweden
Gallery 29, Växjö, Sweden
1987 Gallery Sten Eriksson, Stockholm

Selected Group Exhibitions


FOLDS - Ann Edholm, Anders Sletvold Moe and Jesper Nyrén
Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Södertälje konsthall, Sweden
Carnegie Art Award 2012, Konstakademien, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 abc/art berlin contemporary/about painting, Station-Berlin, Germany
Södertälje konsthall, Sweden
2010 The Moderna Exhibition 2010, Moderna museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Mirai projects, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 "European Identity-Doubts or Hope", Immanuel Kant State University of Russia, Kaliningrad

"LINK UP" Mostings Hus, Köpenhamn, Denmark
Transire, Nya Tingshuset, Helsingborg, Sweden
Paintings XL The gallery of National Public Art Council, Sweden


"Dangerous Encounters - Facing the Others", Pultask School of Humanities, Poland
gossip, Malmö Museum of Art, Malmö, Sweden
3/3, Gallery Flach, Stockholm, Sweden

2001 Galvosena ir vaizduoté, Attitude of mind an imagination, Kaunas, Litauen
"Painting and Painting", Kristinehamn Museum of Moderna Art, Kristinehamn, Sweden
2000 Language is a Virus from Outer Space, Norrköping Art Museum, Norrköping, Sweden
Thought and Fantasy, Strindberg´s Intimate Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden

Art and Spirituality, Arzemju Makslas Muzejs, Riga, Latvia
Galleri Ahnlund, Arco, Madrid, Spain
Swedish Art in the 1900th Century, Liljevalchs Art Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
Sven Lundhs Öga, Gallery F15, Moss, Norway

1998 International Seminar and Exhibition of Polish and Swedish Artists, Vardo Seminar Foundation, Warzawa, Gdansk, Poland
"Ce este arta?" Galeriile Academiei de Arta, Bucharest, Romania
DIA Project, Bucharest, Romania
Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden
1996 "Alone Together" - Contemporary Swedish Art, Liljevalchs Art Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
Four Elements - Works from Fredrik Roos´ Scandinavian Collection, Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden.
1995 Vijf Zweden in de Zonnehof, De Zonnehof, Amersfoort, Holland
Im Licht des Nordens, Positionen Schwedischer Malerei von 1873-1995, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany
Nine Questions About Light - Swedish art 1873-1995 (selected by Peter Weiermair, Frankfurter Kunstverein), Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, Sweden
1994 Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden
1993 Böcklin, Waldemarsudde Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Schweden - Art Suédois Contemporain Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Musée Rath, Genève, Switzerland
Attitudes, Athens, Greece
1992 Time Reveals the Truth, Expo ´92, Sevilla, Spain
Phone Directory/Art, Swedish Travelling Exhibitions, Sweden
"Waldemarsudde", Waldemarsudde, Stockholm, Sweden
Contemporary Art on the Cover of the Phone Directory, Expo ´92, Sevilla Spain
1953, Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden
1991 36 Contemporary Swedish Artists, London, England
Art Against Aids, Galleri Krüll, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Against Aids, Galleri Ahnlund, Umeå, Sweden
Contemporary Swedish Art, Modern Museeum, Stockholm, Sweden
Enigma, Gothenburg Art Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden
1990 Printer´s Impressions, The Alberquerque Museum, Alberquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A
1988 Studio Program Show, P.S.I, Museum for Contemporary Art, New York, U.S.A.
1987 Art Conceptions, Cultural House, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Public Collections

Convector Art Collection, Stockholm, Sweden
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden
Malmö Museum of Art, Malmö, Sweden
Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Council of Public Art, Stockholm
Stockholm County, Stockholm
The National Public Art Council, Stockholm, Sweden
Västerås Museum of Art, Västerås, Sweden
Uppsala Museum of Art, Uppsala, Sweden
Museum of Light, Pultusk, Polen

Dialogos in ECOSOC chamber in UN, New York

Ann Edholm´s curtain Dialogos.

Just a few moments before the official inauguration of Ann Edholm´s curtain Dialogos in the newly renovated chamber of the economic and social council of the United Nations at the UN headquarters in New York in mid-april 2013. The inauguration was conducted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the chairman of the council, Ambassador Néstor Osorio, and the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, Mrs. Gunilla Carlsson.


Selected Grants

2012 Carnegie Art Award
2004 A five-year working grant, the Arts Grants Committee, Sweden
1999 Simone de Dardel´s Scholarship, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts
1992 Edstrand Foundation, Sweden
1990 Greenland, Nordic Art Center, Helsinki, Finland
1989 Printmaking Workshop, Bob Blackburn Director Fellowship, New York, U.S.A.
1987-1988 P.S.I, New York, U.S.A.
1983 Baertling Scholarship, Sweden

Artist of the Quarter - Enjoy Scandinavian Art

Ann Edholm - The Artist of the Quarter June - August 2003, Uppsala Museum of Art

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