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"There is openness, serious thoughtfulness, melancholy and a zest for life in Håkan Berg's pictures. He draws with the crayons of life on the pictures of life. A few occasional forms, some sparse colours get down on the paper, just like rare night bugs circling round a single source of light."

"It is the understanding that simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve that is the foundation for Håkan Berg's work, but also the fact that the most important things in life might not always be the first to draw our attention. Everything that slowly and invisibly creates new contexts around and within us."

"Håkan Berg's pictures move close to and cross different borders. This is true not only when he depicts play and seriousness but also when he discloses what there is between the lips and the words, between the ego and the world, between the eye and the image. At the same moment he makes all this that ends and fade away and what breaks through and comes to life visible."

The quotations above are translations of some parts of the text by Thomas Kjellgren in the catalogue for the exhibition called "The serious game" in February and March 2000 at Gallery Birthe Laursen, Paris.


1958 Born in Kristianstad, Sweden
1978-1980 Studied at the Art School of Kristianstad, Sweden
1981-1984 Studied at the University of Umeå, Sweden
1985-1990 Studied at the School of Graphics, Forum, Malmö, Sweden

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Galleri Uddenberg, Göteborg (presentation in Swedish)
2014 Grafikens hus/Rammakarna, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Tomelilla konsthall, Sweden
2012 Galleri Konst och Folk, Stockholm, Sweden
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 "New paintings" Galleri Danart, Simrishamn, Sweden
(Exhibition together with Mari Rantanen)
2010 Galleri IMMA, Mariestad, Sweden
Sölvesborgs konsthall Sweden
2008 Ahlbergshallen, Östersund, Sweden
2007 Sjöbo konsthall, Sweden
Marks konsthall, Kinna, Sweden
2006 Galleri Arctic Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden
Blind letters, Galerie Birthe Laursen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Galleri Våga Se, Stockholm, Sweden
Båtsmanskasernen, Karlskrona Art Hall, Sweden
2004 The Art Hall of Karlshamn, Sweden
Galleri Imma, Mariestad, Sweden
Grafiska sällskapet, Stockholm, Sweden
2003 Galleri Liro, Karlskrona, Sweden
Galleri Rosenberg, Höganäs, Sweden
Galleri Bergdala, Växjö, Sweden
Galleri Matzner & Matzner, Hagestad, Österlen, Sweden
2002 Galleri Birthe Laursen, Paris, France
Galleri Lindqvist, Bromölla, Sweden
Flamenska galleriet, Borås, Sweden
2001 Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Ekebyhovs Castle, Stockholm, Sweden
Gallerie Kaponjären, Waxholm, Sweden
2000 Galleri Birthe Laursen, Paris, France
Staffanstorp Art Hall, Sweden
Galleri Art Room, Malmö, Sweden
Göteborgs konstförening, Sweden
1999 Galleri Magnus Åklundh, Lund, Sweden
Galleri Lotsen, Karlshamn, Sweden
Galleri Sigma, Växjö, Sweden
1998 Station Nord, Berlin, Germany
Galleri Bergman, Stockholm, Sweden
Barbacka Art Hall, Kristianstad, Sweden
Galleri Persson, Malmö, Sweden
Lilla galleriet, Umeå, Sweden
1997 Sölvesborg Art Hall, Sweden
Galleri Bergman, Gothenburg, Sweden
Galleri Lenninger, Hörby, Sweden
1996 Galleri Orpheus, Eskilstuna, Sweden
1995 Galleri Magnus Åklundh, Lund, Sweden
Ystad Museum of Art, Sweden
Nolhaga slott, Allingsås, Sweden
1994 Tjörnedala, Baskemölla, Sweden
Galleri Wasa, Falun, Sweden
1993 Galleri Bergman, Gothenburg, Sweden
Galleri Grafiska sällskapet, Stockholm, Sweden
Blekinge läns museum, Karlskrona, Sweden
Lilla konstsalongen, Malmö, Sweden
Galleri Colon, Floby, Sweden
1992 Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden
Galleri Bergman, Helsingborg, Sweden
1991 Galleri Magnus Åklund, Lund, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 IPCNY,  New York, from 21 oktober 21 until November 20

Galleri Snoeros Stodvarfjordur, Iceland
Salle d´Exposition, Monaco
Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden

2007 Six Artists in a Cube, Tomelilla Art Hall, together with the artists Karin Fhager, Christel Kahn, Malin Schönbeck, Ia Carlsson och Thomas Larsson.
Chagall Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus
Art Herning, Denmark
2006 Tjeboksary museum, Tjuvasjien
Museum of modern art, Minsk, Belarus
Galleri Gula rummet, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 The VIII Biennal, Kaliningrad, Russia
Grafikens hus, Mariefred, Sweden
Edsviks Art Hall, Sollentuna, Sweden
Center of Contemporary Art, Chisinau, Moldova
Lusaka National Museum, Zambia
2004 Galleri Birthe Laursen, Paris, France
Liljevalch´s spring exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
Wanås, Knislinge, Sweden
2003 The Triennial of Graphics, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Gula rummet
2002 Rugen kunstverein, Germany
Höjriis Castle, Nyköping, Denmark
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden
Puebla och Oaxaca, Mexico
2001 Kabusa Art Hall, Ystad, Sweden
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Birthe Laursen, Paris, France
2000 Barbacka Art Hall, Kristianstad, Sweden
1999 Galleri Birthe Laursen, Paris, France
Ronneby Centre of Culture, Sweden
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 Hedbergs Vinslöv, Sweden
1999 Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden
1996 Filosofigangen, Odense, Denmark
Edsvik Art and Culture, Sollentuna, Sweden
Synytt, Hedbergs, Vinslöv
1995 The Triennial of Graphics, Umeå, Sweden
Brandts klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark
Galleri Åklundh & Krook, Kristianstad, Sweden
1994 Ars Baltica, Lidköping, Sweden
1993 The Nordic Union of Graphics, Oslo, Norway
Malmö Art Hall, Annexet, Sweden
Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
Falsterbo Art Hall, Sweden
1992 Höganäs museum, Sweden
Stockholm Art Fair

The 19th international biennial, Ljubljana, Jugoslavia
Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
Sydnytt, Malmö Art Hall
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm

1990 The 5th international triennial, Wasa, Finland
"De sud asur", Malaga, Spain
Tallinn, Estonia
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm
1989 Nordic drawing triennial, Skellefteå, Sweden
Helsingborg Art Museum, Sweden
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden  
1988 Galleri F-15, Moss, Norway
Karlshamn Art Hall, Sweden
Göteborgs konstmuseum, Gothenburg, Sweden
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden
Wroclaw, Poland
1987 Malmö Museum of Art, Sweden
Kristianstad Museum of Art, Sweden
Landskrona Art Halll, Sweden
Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Public Collections in Sweden

The National Swedish Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm
The National Public Art council, Stockholm
Gothenburg Museum of Art
Ystad Museum of Art
Helsingborg Museum of Art
Malmö museum
Kristianstads läns museum
Norrköpings Museum of Art
Västerås Museum of Art
Eskilstuna Museum of Art

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