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"The famous painting "Las Meninas" by Diego Vélasquez became the point of departure for a series of paintings, drawings and photographs wherein I discovered my own fascination for the act of seeing.

Ever since this is central in my work, as is the relationship between the Self and the Other.

The common part of the identity has been of interest to me and I have often used the idea of the human being as a bearer of roles. I have often played with the picture of twins as well as the reflected image.

The artistic achievements of Giotto are of central importance to me. The earlier non-spatial surface is folded out and creates a space around the human being initiating the process towards individualisation.

Visually the human beings are still identical, but their different modes of action indicates who they are.- Is it really Judas Iscariot ( in Giotto´s painting) kissing Christ? In Giotto´s image of the drama the recognition is obvious. It might as well be Jesus kissing himself, with Judas as a startled observer.

I remain free in relation to art-history and consider it as being mankind´s story about itself. You can question the story, make it continue, play with it and so on.

My actual project concerns the Veronica-motif in which different paintings represent different questions concerning the perception. Is the picture more real than reality itself? Vera icon.

I also paint interiors of rooms - places where "it happened". This summer I was in Latvia and used empty apartments left behind by the Soviets in the beginning of the nineties. These rooms are naked and at the same time reveal a powerful history.

I want to show the difference; between circumstances closely related; approaching the turningpoint; When does the criminal become free from guilt? When does the painting get independent? When does the good intention turn into an empty gesture?

I am interested in the relationship between presence and absence /attitude-attitudelessness.

The self is separated but everything between us is shared.

I use images existing in my near surroundings; art-history, mass-media, everdaylife, my earlier paintings, depending on the project.

Mass-media seems to have taken over from art and religion the role of reflecting mankind.

The consequences can only be imagined. This fact strengthens rather than undermines our need of genuine expressions.

There is a joy in existing. There is a form of knowledge that is sensual, that is hard to explain or defend."

Filippa Arrias



1971 Born in Gothenburg, Sweden
1990-1991 Studied at Nordic Art School, Finland
1991-94, 1996-98 Studied at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012 "Perish with Paris", Forum, Stockholm, Sweden
(presentation in Swedish)


"Elvis has left the building", Kabusa Art Hall, Sweden

2006 "dazwischen" Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Studio 4, Berlin, Germany
2005 Galleri Argo, Stockholm, Sweden
Hishult Art Hall, Sweden
2004 Galleri 1, Sweden
2003 Millesgården, Stockholm
Galleri Mariann Ahnlund, Umeå
2002 Falköping´s Museum of Art, Sweden
Jönköping Art Hall
2001 Galleri Argo, Stockholm, Sweden
1999 Nordic Light, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Galleri Hanaholmen, Helsinki, Finland together with Pauliina Turrakka Purhonen
2012 "Elvis Has Left the Building, part 2",
Galleri Thomas Wallner, Simrishamn, Sweden
2009 Spring exhibition, Liljevalchs, Stockholm

Murberget-Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Sweden

Tomarps Kungsgård, Sweden
Participating artists: Filippa Arrias, Cecilia Elde, Eva-Maria Ern, Martina Muntzing, Cecilia Sikström och Nina von Schmalensee

Nomad By Heart - Comtemporary art from Mongolia and Sweden, Umeå Bildmuseum, Sweden

"Swedish Graphic Art", Galleri Snaeros, Stövarfjördur, Iceland

"Måleriska Språk", Galleri Argo, Stockholm, Sweden, together with Cecilia Sikström and Sissel Wibom.

2007 Arken, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
2006 Kabusa Art Hall, Sweden
"dazwischen" Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Studio 4, Berlin, Germany
Virserums Art Hall, Sweden
2005 Theerta Art-Association, Sri Lanka

Kabusa Art Hall

2003 Konsthallen Hishult/Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
2001 "Young Women and Old Men", Uppsala Museum of Art, Sweden
2000 Sollentuna Artfair ; Moment Edition together with Lena Cronqvist, Sweden
Subjective / Objective, Karosta, Lettland
1994 Polytechnic school, Warsawa, Poland
1992 Students´ gallery, Academy of Art, Helsinki, Finland

Selected Public Collections

The National Public Art Council, Sweden
Falköping Museum of Art, Sweden

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